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Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics


Our vehicle diagnostics service is backed up with almost 3 decades of experience in auto electronics.  Back before cars had networks built in to them (yes that's the CAN bit - Controller Area Network) we worked on the electrical systems of all major makes and models of vehicles

including plant and machinery  and the worst a vehicle could normally throw at us would be some faulty wiring, bad earthing or maybe a blown fuse or relay.  These days things are very different and modern vehicles ar packed full of high tech, high spec controllers that all communicate with each other

over the vehicles CAN network.  This means that checking fuses whilst still an important part of diagnosing faults, is now just the starting blocks of the race (or marathon) to find the fault.

Our state of the art diagnostic kit can diagnose almost any piece of equipment available from trucks to tractors , cars to combined harvesters and is mostly dealer level equipment normally reserved for manufacturers.

This enables us to quickly diagnose the problem and identify faulty components to allow us to get you back moving again because after all is said and done - time is money so the quicker we get you fixed up, the more money you save.

We can also tune the software on your equipment or car,van,truck,bike for more power /performance or economy using a process called Remapping.

We repair most types of dashboards and have the ability to correct mileage or hours on most electronic control units and dashboards (including plant equipment).

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List of services (not exhaustive):-


Full Diagnostic Checking (dealer level not cheap code reader)

Code new keys

Remove lost key codes

Repair electronic control units (inc ABS unit crash data and airbag warnings)

Full Remapping service Tailored to your car

Full Auto Electrician services including fitting of any equipment and repairs of, including stereo systems , entertainment systems, alarm systems ect...

The list goes on and on...


Why spend hundreds trying to figure out whats wrong by blindly changing parts when you can find out exactly what the problem is and just fix that part.

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